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There are many things that can be bought without needing to know the details. You may have no idea how a television works but I'm sure you've had no difficulty popping down to the electronics store and making your choice. The problem with PA systems is that they come in endless configurations and it's very easy to think you're buying one thing and then get home and realise that you've bought something else entirely. There are four primary components that you will require and a few basic aspects about each that one that you need to know.

Firstly there is the microphone. This surprises people but even though its one of the cheapest components of the system, it has a massive effect on how professional your system will sound. It is therefore the one area where you never ever cut corners. Put simply, I have heard many expensive PA systems sound cheap and unprofessional because of a poor microphone so make sure you buy a good one. The next decision that needs to be made is how to get the sound from the various components of the PA system to the speakers. This is the job of the mixer, which is the component that routes and mixes all the audio. This sounds a lot more complicated than it is and the only thing you need to be careful about is the fact each component you purchase requires it own channel. Therefore make sure the mixer you purchase has enough channels for the current and future number of components of your system.

Next there is the amplifier, which is the component that decides whether or not the sound comes out distorted. It should be pretty obvious that it is a very important component. Therefore ensure you go for quality in this area and to avoid distortion you simply purchase one that is non distorting. You also need to make sure that the amplifier you purchase has enough power to support the speakers so make sure you ask when you are purchasing it that it is compatible with your choice of speakers. Now before I discuss speakers can we just get one thing clear? Is your purpose to damage the hearing of your guests or would you like to just play them some music? Many people think bigger is better in this area but there is no point covering an entire wall of a small room with massive speakers that make the ceiling vibrate. You need to assess the size of your event and then shop accordingly, nothing more. It's a waste of money and too loud can often be even more annoying than not loud enough.

Provided you remember all this information when making your purchase and you explain thoroughly to the sales assistant what you intend on using the PA system for, you should get your equipment home without any nasty surprises. Remember that it's a lot better to ask a stupid question than to purchase the wrong equipment. Also you need to be aware that your PA system will only be as strong as its weakest link. Therefore always aim for a consistent quality level across all components.

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