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It is a sad fact that the price of a PA system and the quality of its audio can at times seem completely unrelated. I have known many people who have spend quite a lot of money purchasing what they were expecting would be a professional PA system only to get home, set it all up and find that the audio really isn't up to scratch. How is that possible they wonder when their friend bought a PA system for half the price and it sounds fantastic? The answer to this is that their friends knew what they were doing and they knew the factors that dictate how good a PA system sounds.

The primary lesson that needs to be learnt if you wish to purchase a professional sounding PA system is that components of a consistent quality are required. Many people that purchase expensive PA systems, splash out on one or two components. For example, big shiny professional quality speakers that are used by some band they like. This does not lead to a professional sound. If those speakers are combined with a poor amplifier, the quality of the sound will still be poor. Audio quality is only as good as its weakest link. Therefore assuming that you have a budget in mind, divide it up evenly across all components. You will achieve better sound quality with all medium quality components, then a mixture of high and low quality components.

The next lesson is very much related. The microphone and the cables that hook everything up are just as important as the amplifier, mixer and speakers. You’re not going to look very professional if any announcements come out fuzzy because you've attached some cheap microphone to your expensive PA system. You’re going to look like an amateur, therefore always spend money on a proper microphone. The same applies to the cables. The audio has to travel through the cables and if the cables are not specifically designed with audio in mind, there will be a severe degradation in the quality of your PA systems sound.

Lastly, even if you get the perfect PA system with components that are all of a high and consistent level of quality, it can still sound like a stereo. Why? Because audio quality is also dependent on how the components are set up and often exactly where they are set up in relation to each other. The primary cause of feedback is due to the components being set up incorrectly. Therefore if you are experiencing poor quality audio always make sure that everything is set up in the most sound optimising manner before spending more money. In conclusion, money isn't the only factor in purchasing a PA system; you also need to know where to spend it and exactly how to set up what you've spent it on.

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