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Whenever I go clothes shopping, I tend to avoid big name brands. I find that the increase in quality is pretty minimal compared to the at times ridiculous increase in price. However for electronics equipment, it does sadly seem necessary to stick to brand names that you can trust. Any laptop I've ever bought has been Samsung and I find that for televisions and DVD players, Philips have never lead me astray. However with PA equipment, I think the best brand at the moment is Peavey. If you do however intend on purchasing a Peavey PA system, they can be rather expensive. Therefore you need to be careful that you only purchase exactly what you need.

The first place that people often go wrong is by over spending on the speakers. I would advise that if you are going to purchase a Peavey PA system, a very good place to save a little cash is on the speakers. You should purchase speakers that have just enough power for your needs. If you do this you should be able to afford professional quality speakers that come complete with the Peavey brand name. Less powerful speakers mean that you save money in the amplifier area also as the speakers will not require as much power. I would advise that you stay way the hell away from amplifiers that are not non distorting. They may be cheaper but they remove any possibility of you possessing a Peavey PA system with anything resembling a professional sound.

Another mistake that people often make that leads to a very unprofessional sound is by trying to save a few bucks on cables so that they have more money to spend on other components. They may seem like the least important aspect of the PA system, after all there only purpose is to connect all the components together but the fact is that the audio signals travel through them and if you have not purchased cables that are designed for this purpose, that is designed with audio in mind, it does not matter how expensive the rest of your system is, you will be left with poor quality sound. There is also the fact that poor quality cables tend to break after a few years use. Remember they are the only part of your Peavey PA system that you have the intention of dragging along the ground. So in the long run, cheap cables donít actually save you any money.

The main thing that Iím trying to say is that when attempting to purchase a Peavey PA system, you need to always remember that the resulting sound quality will only be as good as your systems weakest link. Therefore if you are attempting the difficult task of specifically purchasing a Peavey PA system on a limited budget, then you need to attempt to purchase components with a consistent level of quality i.e. don't blow your budget on expensive speakers and combine them with a cheap mixer. Provided you shop around and divide your money up equally across all components, you should be able to purchase a Peavey PA system that sounds reasonably professional without spending an arm and a leg.

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