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What happens if you want to buy a professional PA system but you are in fact not a professional? Well, provided you understand the basics of such a system and you purchase from somebody that is in fact a professional, it should be relatively easy to find a system that meets your needs. There are five components required and a few basic things that you need to know about each one which I will now describe.

One of the first things to consider is the all important microphone. It is not the most expensive component but its effect on the overall quality of the system is far disproportionate to its price, therefore make sure you get it right. Also, consider how many people you wish to be heard at the same time and then choose between uni or omni directional. After the microphone the next key choice is the mixer. Basically the mixer routes and mixes all the audio from the core system. All you need to ask for is enough channels for each unit in your PA system as each will require its own channel. You can pretty much forget about all the technological jargon that is associated with it.

After the mixer, it is necessary to consider what type of amplifier you require. The first aspect goes without requiring any thought on your part, make sure you get one that is non distorting. You then need to consider the power you require for your speakers as it is the amplifier that must provide this power. As for the speakers themselves, it should come as no surprise that this component of your PA system has a massive effect on the quality of sound. If you want professional sound, you need professional speakers. It is important to note that you should aim to solely satisfy the needs of your event, if you have a small venue, buy speakers that are not very powerful but instead produce a very high quality sound.

Next is the component where many people go terribly wrong. They've bought all high quality professional equipment and then they just go out and pick up the first cables that they find. Firstly, only cables that are designed for audio will achieve professional results. Secondly, big heavy cables can be nightmare to drag around the place but they are also the only ones that donít break after a few months use. Do not ruin your professional PA system by buying cheap cables. This leads to one of the most important aspects of building a professional PA system. All of the components depend on each other and your PA system will be only be as strong as its weakest link. Therefore if you want a professional sound, you need to ensure that every single component is of a high quality. Provided you remember this and are aware of the basics illustrated in this article, you will be capable of purchasing a professional PA system regardless of your level of expertise in the area.

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