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The speakers are obviously one of the key components of any PA system and choosing the wrong speakers for your PA system will obviously have a very negative effect on the quality of sound that your PA system is capable of producing. The decision of what speakers to buy is also one of the easiest decisions you will have to make when purchasing a PA system, yet surprisingly many people get this decision wrong.

The first mistake that many people make is assuming that the price of a speaker is a good indication of how well it will perform. This is sadly not always true. It is kind of like assuming that the bigger a speaker it is the louder it will be. This is simply not always the case. Ask any expert in sound equipment and they will tell you that there are a lot of companies that produce expensive but poor quality speakers. Therefore before you buy anything, make sure you listen to them in action before handing over your cash.

Another common mistake is purchasing speakers that are too loud. There's something about bands and wanting to have the loudest speakers possible. When a band is playing small venues, powerful speakers are simply not required. Its like the louder the speakers, the better the music will somehow sound, this is ridiculous but a lot of people think along these lines. Such bands are often pretty short on cash also and therefore buy the loudest speakers they can afford without even thinking about sound quality. Generally, if you are on a limited budget, its better to go with high quality speakers over unnecessarily loud ones. You are not attempting to deafen the crowd after all; you simply want to offer them a clear, crisp amplification of your music.

The last mistake that is commonly made is assuming that the importance of branding on clothes and food is similar to its importance in sound equipment. While there is often not much of a correlation between the increase in quality and the increase in price when purchasing branded clothing, this is not the case with sound equipment. When you pay extra for speakers that are made by a particular company, you are in fact paying not for the name but for the increased reliability and sound quality. You are also likely to find that they last a lot longer also and you therefore don't really lose money in the long run. It is because of this that the only speakers that I would really recommend are made by either Yamaha or Peavey. So in conclusion, when purchasing speakers, always try before you buy, don't overestimate price or underestimate the brand name as an indication of quality and consider something other than how loud the speakers are before you buy them.

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