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Shopping for a used PA system can be an arduous task especially for those with little knowledge about such systems. Choosing the wrong set up or even just a single component that is insufficient for your needs can be not only frustrating but leave you out of pocket as the component or perhaps the entire system will need to be replaced.

Many people suggest that the primary component to consider is the microphone. This may sound stupid but you need to remember that even a top class used PA system will prove inadequate if its attached to a below grade microphone. You therefore need to get a high class microphone and one that is unidirectional or omni directional depending on how many people you wish to be heard at the same time.

The next most important component is the mixer. This is the component that routes and mixes all the audio signals from the PA system. Each unit of the system will require its own channel and you therefore need to get a mixer that has enough channels for your needs now and in the future. Now, it is time to consider the amplifier. This is where things get a little bit complicated and the wrong decision here can lead to your used PA system having very poor sound. You first need to assess the number of people you will be broadcasting to and get an amplifier with sufficient power. It should also go without saying that you need to choose an amplifier that is non distorting.

And of course you will require speakers. Many people tend to go a bit over the top here and you need to remember that you shouldn’t really have any interest in deafening people so try to be reasonable about the power you need. At the same point, you do need to assess how many people you wish to broadcast to and make sure that they are in fact loud enough. This obviously cannot be judged by just the size of the speakers so you should speak with a professional about just how much power you need. Lastly, there is of course the cables. Many people consider these unimportant but I know from experience that if you save a few pennies by using cables not specifically designed for audio use, the sound is simply not as good. There is also the fact that while large strong cables are heavy and it can be annoying having to drag them around the place, they do stand the test of time and cables failing at the last minute can not only lose you money but be pretty embarrassing at the same time.

This information is a very good start in choosing the correct type of used PA system for your needs. There are however many factors and without knowing much about the subject, it is important that should you find what you believe to be the perfect used PA system for you, you should discuss with someone in the know before making the purchase.

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