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The motive behind choosing a wireless PA system as opposed to a traditional one is simple. Though on occasion they can prove a little bit more expensive, if you are planning to create a building wide PA system, the additional expense is nothing compared to what you save by not having to wire up the entire place. This isn't even accounting for the likelihood of the wires eventually failing as they age over the generally lengthy operation period of such PA systems. As a result of this many contractors are making the switch to wireless. If you are new to this area there are a couple of things you should know before purchasing a wireless PA system and this should allow you to avoid the most common mistakes.

In many cases a wireless PA system will be used in conjunction with existing an PA systems. Many people automatically think that they can easily be combined, but this is not always the case. You need to ensure that you find a system that allows wireless interfacing with the existing one. If you are purchasing from a professional, he/she can likely advice you on the matter. Another issue is that the range of wireless PA systems tends to vary widely and you need to ensure that your wireless PA system has the correct range for your property. I have known quite a few people that have made this mistake and it has been necessary to purchase entirely new systems as a result. Always make sure you tell the sales person, the exact range that you require and it doesn't hurt to purchase one with a slightly larger range.

Another potential problem is that wireless PA system signals sadly can be interfered with by objects just like any other wireless technology. If you think that your property may already contain objects likely to interfere with the signal, make sure you purchase a wireless PA system that supports the use of an external antenna that can be used to minimize this interference. Another example of a commonly made mistake is assuming that any wireless PA system is weather proof. PA systems are not automatically weather proof so if you are going to use it outside you must say this when you are purchasing it. Another consideration is that many people purchase a wireless PA system with the intention of publishing simple announcements without security being an issue. Some companies require that access to the system be restricted. Many wireless PA systems come with the capability of restricting access but not all of them do, so if you require it, you must request it.

In conclusion, you are dealing with technology that can be difficult to understand at times but it is only necessary to know the basics in order to select the correct system for your needs. There are a wide variety of wireless PA systems available, each with a wide variety of possible features. The key is to know exactly what you require and exactly what the wireless PA system will be used for. The majority of retailers of PA systems are highly knowledgeable about the products that they sell but if you don't adequately inform them of your needs than they are unlikely to be met.

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